Sunday, June 26, 2011

Themes Like Old Times

Greatest American Hero


  1. That damn wall had to hurt flying into it! I always kind of liked that tune...

  2. I guess it would have gone better if he hadn't lost the instruction book. (Twice)
    Yeah. Mike Post wrote some decent tunes back in the day. This one even went "Top 40" for a while. (I may still have the 45!)

  3. This is one my favorite old time shows. Great tune!

  4. Teresa: Yeah. It started out great. Kind of petered off in the last season or so.

    Bit of trivia: William Katt played Ralph Hinkley. After a would be assassin named Hinkley tried to kill Reagan, Ralph was referred to as "Mr. H" in the following season.

    Trivia #2: William Katt was the son of Barbara Hale, who played Della Street on the old Perry Mason show.