Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcome to the CAFE of Death. My name is Barry, I'll be your Waitperson.

In anticipation of new CAFE standards, Honda introduced a new model, the Honda Accordion* today...

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*Not a Honda

Much as President Obama and other liberals may think natural laws for things like physics and economics don't matter, the reality is they do and nowhere more so than on American highways. The president reportedly has secured agreements from Ford, Chrysler, General Motors, Honda and Hyundai to raise the Corporate Average Fuel Economy fleet average standard to 54.5 mpg by 2025. The new standard will be reviewed in 2018, but that won't change the fact that automakers will immediately have to embark on efforts to lighten and downsize all of their models.

Don't hold your breath waiting for your favorite Congress Critter to lead by example on this any time soon. Anyone want to bet that government limos won't be exempt from CAFE standards? Or will the fleets just have to make more wind up cars to offset them? Part of that "shared sacrifice", don'tcha know?

H/T Rob Port


  1. In a crash like that they will ALL be accordions. In Steel vs Plastic, Steel wins hands down. And now they want to make them smaller still. I wonder if Obama was inspired by his limo getting stuck in Ireland.

  2. I actually owned a Honda Accord that was in a front end collision (a woman pulled out in front of me on a two lane highway. They are designed with "crumple zones" to absorb the impact. Better to total the car than kill the occupant.

    The Smart car picture above probably left no survivors. There's just no getting around the laws of physics. Unless they ban all 18 wheelers, heavy trucks and SUVs, there's going to be a lot more fatalities with more people driving skimpier cars.


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