Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quote du jour

Why exactly does the president need a 40-car escort to drive past his subjects in Dead Moose Junction? It doesn’t communicate strength, but only waste, and decadence.

-Mark Steyn


  1. And THAT is an excellent point. It's almost as if His Exaltedness is TRYING to show how big and decadent the government has become. He didn't start it but it is expanding under him with a vengeance. Our government, when viewed with an eye towards its morality and sheer size, is eerily reminiscent of the Third Reich. And he wants to make it bigger.

  2. There are similarities between today and the years leading up to the Third Reich. Only there, the fearless leader knew how to build a manufacturing base, and didn't have economic advisers like Jeffrey Immelt of GE shipping his manufacturing jobs to China.

    The Third Reich produced the Volkswagen Beetle. Obama, Inc. produced the Chevy Volt.


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