Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sí, Se Puede…¿Como se dice... “Throw the Bums Out”?

The following bilingual post is brought to you by the letters "W, T & F" and by the numbers "2012".

In 2008, Obama won 57 percent of the state’s Hispanic vote, which has historically leaned Republican. Now, 72 percent of Florida Hispanic voters say Obama doesn’t deserve re-election, according to the Magellan poll. And the numbers don’t change when Obama is matched up with Republican candidates:

What is striking is how poorly Barack Obama is doing among Hispanic and Latino voters in Florida. The ballot test between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney finds the president trailing Mitt Romney by 39 points, with 62 percent of Hispanic voters supporting Mitt Romney and only 23 percent supporting Barack Obama. The Perry‐Obama ballot test among Hispanic voters finds 56 percent supporting Rick Perry​ and 25 percent supporting the president. The Bachmann‐Obama ballot test among Hispanic voters finds Michele Bachmann with 51 percent support and 30 percent for Barack Obama.

Okay, okay...¿como se dice...schadenfreude? Yes, we can...throw the bums out!

H/T Weasel Zippers


  1. I have never believed the liberal trope that immigration is a big Latino issue. Maybe among the illegals... They all vote democrat.


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