Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Lincoln's Birthday! all of those of you who still split "President's Day", into their respective birthdays!

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And, speaking of "splitting"...on this celebration of our 16th president, let us remember that:

"Lincoln split rails.
Reagan split firewood.
Clinton split hairs.
Obama split the country."


  1. "... Obama split the country."

    Oh pshaw. You be too modest.

    This country has been split by the RepublicanT Party for a long time before Mr Obama ever showed up. Can one say, "Southern Strategy" like Nixon and Bush?

    The way you like to play the victim here one would think you'd be proud of the hate against the 'other' being spewed by the RepublicanT Party. Remember: it is always someone else's fault, so vote for the RepublicanT Party.

    Ema Nymton

    1. "Remember: it is always someone else's fault" You quoting Obama again? Wanna bet that if (God forbid) he is re-elected he's still not blaming Bush into years seven and eight?

      Obama campaigned as being some "Great Uniter". He was going to be our first "post racial" president. He and his cohorts then played the race card constantly, and his appointee to DoJ refuses to pursue prosecution of the guilty, based on their skin color.

      Besides, did you see one thing in my post that praised "Republicans", or any other party?

      Your neurotic hyper-partisanship is duly noted, Ema.

  2. Good one, proof! "0" knows how to splinter the nation and burn it!

    1. I used "great splitters in history as one of my very first "tweets", and though I was followed at the time by virtually no one, it got re-tweeted a lot.

  3. Obama has not merely split our nation he has fractured it into several pieces. He is the master of blaming everyone but himself.

    Great one, Proof!

    1. Thanks! I only wish it wasn't quite so apt, for the sake of the country.

  4. WOW you guys are funny! It's crazy to think how many still can't let the blame lay at who's feet it should. Bush screwed us but good and it didn't matter who took office after him yet people will ways find a way to blame someone else.

    1. "WOW you guys are funny!"

      I say the same thing about people who make anonymous comments. And that you think anyone would take you seriously.

      "It's crazy to think how many still can't let the blame lay at who's (sic) feet it should"

      It is crazy how many overlook the first two years of Obummer, when the White House, Senate and House were all in the control of his party. The policies they implemented, the wild and reckless spending they committed the country to, were far more deleterious* to the country than anything done by Bush.

      "people will ways find a way to blame someone else"

      Yeah. We know. Obama is still trying to blame Bush for his own massive mistakes, poor policies and disastrous decisions.

      But, thanks for playing!

      *Look it up.