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The False Dichotomy of the Bamboozler-in-Chief on Oil

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Barack Obama, Bamboozler-in-Chief of the US, made a rather hinky statement about oil the other day. He posited a false dichotomy about oil being the "energy of the past" and alternative energy being the wave of the future. This is becoming part of his stump speech, as he elaborated on that talking point a few days later, trying to depict anyone who opposed his policies as "flat earthers".

Let's look at what he said, he called oil "the fuel of the past", as opposed to algae and electric cars and windmills and solar that he deems "the fuel of the future". But, isn't he omitting a rather large part of the equation? How about: The Present?

You know, algae might make a fine fuel someday, but when you go to fill up your car to get to work tomorrow, to go to the grocery store, to carpool the kids to school, to take the baby to the doctor, you can't fill up at the corner algae station, because there is none. If Barack could snap his fingers and put an algae powered car on every driveway in the nation, most of you would have to stay home, because there is no infrastructure to support it.

Those mean, nasty oil companies (more about them later) and their dealers have put up an awful lot of money to make sure that there's a gas station as convenient to you as possible, so you won't get stuck by the side of the road in downtown Cleveland or Left Wingnut, Wyoming, because you couldn't find a gas station. That infrastructure was not built overnight. And it did not come cheap, either.

And historically, even big breakthroughs in science did not take effect universally. People were still using kerosine lamps after Edison invented the light bulb. Many people still rode horses and horse drawn buggies after the automobile was invented. People were still riding trains after the Wright Brothers' invention made its first commercial flight. Ever heard of "Amtrak"? There are people today who take trains to cities where they could fly. Most times the things of the past have coexisted with newer technology for years and years. Some things are even more enduring and compete with new technology for a century or better.

The point is, that a) our need for a stable petroleum supply for both our manufacturing and energy needs is not going away any time soon. The monitor you're reading this on was made from petroleum products. The keyboard you use to type your nasty response, disagreeing with everything I say, is made largely from petroleum products.

b) The infrastructure to support electric, or algae, or hydrogen, or nuclear powered cars is not there yet, and for many people, won't be there for many years. You may be able to refuel your car's hydrogen fuel cell at the corner of Fifth and Main in the next five or ten years, but those people who use a tractor to clear the snow off their unpaved roads in the winter, will never see a hydrogen fuel cell for that old Ford 9N. Before we relegate any fuel "to the past", there must be something else to take its place. And we are not there yet.

Electric cars are still mostly playthings for the well to do. Worse yet for their prospect, is the fact that China is the primary source for acquiring the "rare earth" elements needed to make high tech batteries and devices. Even as you read this, the Chinese have backed off from selling us as much of the rare earths as we would like to buy. What if that source were cut off from us completely? What's "Plan 'B'"?

And a nation of electric cars and electric high speed trains (don't get me started on THAT one!), will require more and more electric capacity, not less. And every solar or wind powered facility needs a full fledged back up system for when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing, unless you had a very efficient storage system, which we do not currently (pun intended) possess. Yet, Obama and his EPA are shuttering coal fired plants left and right (mostly left), leaving our grid in a much more precarious position to provide for the needs of a growing economy. I guess his first step in bringing these goals to pass, was to make sure the economy wasn't growing!

But the only reason we’ve come this far as a nation is because we refuse to stand still. Because we put our faith in the future. Because we are inventors and builders and makers of things. We’re Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. That’s who we are. That’s who we need to be right now.

After disparaging the past, he cites Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers. We are still using Mr. Edison's lightbulb today, and many of us prefer it to the "CFL" (Catastrophic Failure Lamps; see also: Exploding Mercury Bombs). We may all be using LEDs someday, but for now, many people object to the price of LED bulbs and the environmental hazards of CFLs.

I bought an LED bulb just yesterday. I'm glad I didn't buy two! When I got it home, it didn't fit in the fixture I had purchased it for. Maybe one day, they come out with a different bulb or someone designs a different fixture and we all live happily ever after. But, that's not today.

Mr. President: I don't live in the past. I resent you trying to falsely paint everyone who disagrees with you as ignorant, particularly in light of that historically inaccurate tripe you included in that particular speech. I live in the present, where petroleum and petroleum byproducts fuel my transportation and provide my livelihood. There are millions of Americans just like me. You were not elected to bring about some sweeping change that would alter our future. You were elected to defend and uphold the Constitution. Last time I looked there was nothing in there about algae powered cars, LED lighting, solar power or universal health care.

Quit bragging about how much higher oil production has been during your administration, seeing as how oil production on federal lands has dropped and the increases are all in spite of your policies. Stop playing politics with America's energy security. Approve the Keystone pipeline. Facilitate drilling in the far northern, barren and desolate regions of ANWR.

Tell your hippie, environmentalist friends that it is essential to become energy independent to preserve our liberty, and that oil and coal are the energy of the present.

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  1. One foot in the past, one foot in the future and he is pi$$ing on the present.

  2. .

    Only in never-never land ...

    "But, isn't he omitting a rather large part of the equation?"

    No. The man is talking on an issue at a specific venue. Just because one chooses to make a talk about a woman's right to comprehensive health care it does not mean one has to cover men's need for Viagra.

    "I resent you trying to falsely paint everyone who disagrees with you as ignorant, particularly in light of that historically inaccurate tripe you included in that particular speech."

    Snivel, snivel, snivel. Hold your breath until you turn blue; that'll show'em.

    "I bought an LED bulb just yesterday." So _you_ screw up and blame Mr Obama. Are you responsible for anything you do? Or do you blame the government for all your problems?!?

    Ema Nymton

    1. Ema! So glad you brought your sociopathic misanthropy to my blog once again!

      "So _you_ screw up and blame Mr Obama"

      Is there something in the water here that brings semi-literate liberals (but I repeat myself) to my blog to misread everything I write?

      a) I didn't screw anything up. Please read the following carefully this time: "it didn't fit in the fixture I had purchased it for" Which means, I'll use it in a different fixture. One nice thing about most light bulbs, dimbulb, is a standardized screw-in base that works in most (but not all) sockets. Therefore, I screwed it in.

      b) Where exactly, of purveyor of nonsense, did I blame Mr. Obama for the purchase of my LED bulb? Or anyone else for that matter? I merely pointed out that had the bulb been of the same dimension as the bulbs I was seeking to replace, and had the light produced been acceptable, I would have purchased eight more of them for my two bathroom fixtures. Instead, I'll use it in a fixture that only requires one. I was pointing out a limitation and a missed opportunity for the bulb manufacturer. If they want to increase their sales, they'll need to be mindful of the limitations of their products. That's all. Most manufacturers like feedback on their products so that they can improve them.

      BTW, Do you need to get laid, Ema? (Not that I'm offering! Heavens no!)You are just awfully bitchy with no apparent cause whatsoever. I didn't blame Obama, I didn't blame the government. Do you get all your exercise jumping to conclusions, Emetic?

      And c) I am actually a proponent of LED technology where it is appropriate. I have several strings of LED Christmas lights I've used for years. I bought this one bulb, even though it was overly expensive, to help stimulate the industry, among other things. Like big screen TVs and video recorders and computers and other consumer goods, it's the folk who buy the somewhat overpriced big screen TVs and BetaMax, and 12" Laser disc players and such that help provide the volume and incentive to bring manufacturing costs down to make them more affordable for drones like yourself. No blame. No complaint. Just an observation. Not quite ready for prime time. Think of them as the "Ema Nymtons" of light bulbs!

      In warmer climates, LED stoplights make a lot of sense for conserving energy. In colder climes, maybe not so much!

      But, even if I replaced all the bulbs in my house with LEDs and encouraged everyone else in the country to do the same, it would not decrease our need for oil and petroleum byproducts. And, as I have seen in the past, it may not even be a money saver long term, since utilities that sell less of their product often raise their rates to make up for the lack of volume.

      Buy a Chevy Volt. Inflate your tires. Sit in the dark and meditate on the sayings of Chairman Maobama. Knock yourself out. It won't change reality. Your inability to refute any of my points on the present reality of petroleum driving (pun intended) our present economy and Obama's failure of leadership and demagoguery is duly noted.

      I'd ask you only to speak of things that you were knowledgeable of, Ema, but the silence might be deafening.

  3. Again, another brain-dead Obama hating racist thinking they are an expert on oil, just like Bush was an expert on the forgien affairs. None whatsoever!
    Hypocrites to the highesr degree!
    You racists mangle Obama's successes as "delusional' and "false" yet you can't answer why websites like Politfact and exist! they exist to prove to are liars!
    "SCOAMF" is a retarded racist crap created by retarded racist who are STILL pissed America voted for a Black man as President of the United States instead of a Ditzy quitter, Caribou Barbie!

    I hate that poor people get health care, and our dependence on foreign oil is a good thing? The "staggering debt" has nothing to do with the wars started by the previous President. Higher unemployment -- actually the economy is recovering. Unsecured borders -- fewer people are coming across than during the Bush years. I don't even know what "compliant unconstitutional herds of followers" means. The Muslim Brotherhood has taken over the Middle East? hmm... want to think about that? De-funding our military? Absolutely deep cuts can, and should, be made in the military budget.

    Of course, now you have a lying rebuttal to Obama "inheritin" the Bush economy to "he created it"! So Obama created the wars in Iraq and Afgan? Obama crrated the Keystone and TARP program?

    If you don't believe me the Google which president increased our debt the most, and the United States Treasury Report will verify this information. Just so you know, before you look up this extensive and accurate multi-page document. Bill Clinton increased our debt the least, while he was the President. Enjoy your research.

    You dinbats are too busy lying about Obama's successes and "broken" promises and other crap you remove this obvious fact!

    You racists KNOW the GOP candidates are a joke, you KNOW they can’t win. and you HATE that they are attacking Obama and being respectful at the same time!

    Obama is anything but a Socialist. He stands to the Right of Eisenhower and is trying very hard to save American Capitalism from its own stupidity.

    1. Please! May I suggest "decaf"?? You must have worked for years to get what passes for your mind into such a tiny box, SS3. There is nothing "racist" at all in the above post, your brain dead, race baiting bleats notwithstanding. What could any sane or rational person (this lets you off the hook, sweetiestraw!) possibly see that was racist in that post? Is that all you liberals have, to bleat racism whenever you cannot rationally meet an argument? Does any of the rambling crap you posted have anything at all to do with what I wrote, or do you just spam it everywhere someone criticizes Obie Won?

      "yet you can't answer why websites like Politfact and exist! they exist to prove to (sic) are liars!"

      Sorry, inSane perSon, but maybe the reason I "can't answer" why those websites exist is
      a)no one has ever asked me to,
      b)I've never heard of them
      c) I've never read them, and
      d) WTF do they have to do with this post? Absolutely nothing! (Like the number your IQ evidently approaches!)

      There are over a million blogs on the Web, plus commercial sites. As impressed as you obviously are with my prowess, even I haven't visited all of them! Therefore, even a knuckle dragging, mouth breather like you should know that I am not responsible for anything said on any other than my own. Do you see any of those sites on my blogroll? Do you see dead people??

      If that nearly incoherent, off topic crap you just posted is a reflection of what passes for logical argument, in what passes for your mind, may I suggest you avail yourself of the many fine practitioners of psychiatric care available in our great country? Or at least a "bonehead English" course?

      Oh, and sweetiestraw, here's something for you to think about every night before the pretty nurse tucks you into bed: My vote cancels your vote. (If you even bothered to register.) Have a nice life!

  4. "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." -- Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NIV)


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