Sunday, March 25, 2012

Through Rose Colored Glasses...

...he probably sees himself getting re-elected, too!

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  1. Probably... since he has a huge ego. The man's a narcissist who puts himself above what's best for the country. He's a selfish, community organizing thug-in-chief.

    1. Proof this is Teresa from Teresamerica. I forgot I was in my other email acct.

    2. What's funny is that he's wearing what euphemistically is called a "bomber jacket". He just can't quite pull off the look, can he?

  2. .

    ... Talk about petty. But hey keep sniveling and sniffling, maybe you all can have a petty pity party for perpetual pathetic losers.

    As for being re-elected:

    Mr Obama will be re-elected for two positive reasons, his record of accomplishments and plan for continual improvement of USA.

    Another less important pair of reasons that the people will vote for Mr Obama are the RepublicanT Party is offering a gloom and doom view of the future of USA and the nominee will be Mr Romney.

    Ema Nymton

    1. Talk about petty?? The president is literally looking at part of the world through literally rose colored glasses, and you find it petty? Or were you just implying that we should start talking about you?

      BTW, Ema, when you make a comment like that one, do you imagine that you are a) making sense, b) making a point, or c) making little clicky noises on the keyboard?


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