Sunday, April 15, 2012

Captain Combover, a.k.a. David Axelrod Stumps for Romney

Elsewhere in the interview, the Captain offers the same dishonest, verbal sleight of hand as the rest of the administration, when he talks about millionaires and billionaires "paying less" than their secretaries. If I pay the government a thousand times more than you do, the fact that I might be paying it at a lower rate, does not mean I am paying less. And as far as "paying their fair share", I have to admit that this is honest in the most perverse sort of way. The rich don't pay "their fair share", because currently, they are paying more than their "fair share", because they are paying the bulk of the nation's taxes, and that means they are already paying someone else's "fair share" as well.
So, just remember kiddies! If you can't run on your own economic record because it is just too bleak, generate class envy instead. It won't solve our financial problems or generate any new jobs, but it will take your focus off of the architect of our current economic malaise, Barack H. Obama, long enough for him to get re-elected. (He hopes.)


  1. Gonna have to steal "captain comb over", and a bad comb over it is. Though about "Baldilocks" but the real baldilocks would prolly get mad. Anywho you just created a new stupor hero for the unfit generation!

    1. Be my guest! If I can make "Captain Combover" part of the public dialogue, then my work here is complete! Heh.


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