Sunday, April 15, 2012

(Victoria's) Secret Service

(Not a hooker. Also not $47.00)
By now, you've probably heard something of the embarrassment caused by the actions of a dozen Secret Service agents in Colombia, and their involvement with, shall we say, "ladies of the evening". The morality (or immorality) of prostitution aside, and the poor judgment involved on the part of the married agents, who may be opening themselves up to blackmail, which could compromise presidential security, think of this fiasco from a simple financial perspective. For what is reportedly as little as forty seven dollars, you jeopardize a rather cushy federal job with great bennies and your retirement as well. And then, try to imagine that you were one of the ten other guys who actually paid their hookers, but are now facing the same embarrassment, risk to their reputations, their careers, their marriages, and retirements over one guy being too cheap to pay a hooker fifty bucks?
These are Secret Service agents. If I was that guy, I think I'd get a remote starter for my car. And maybe a food taster.
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