Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Barack Obama - Mr. Popularity

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Our soon to be favorite view of Obama...leaving
With 61 percent of precincts reporting in Arkansas, Obama took 60 percent to 40 percent for Wolfe. In Kentucky, with nearly all precincts reporting, 42.1 percent of Democratic primary voters opted for “uncommitted” rather than backing the president, who received 57.9 percent.
Two weeks before, Keith Judd, a convicted felon in a Texas hoosegow, won 41 percent of the vote in the West Virginia Democrat primary.

So, let's recap: 40% of Democrats in Arkansas don't like Obama. 42% of Democrats in Kentucky don't like Obama, and in West Virginia, apparently 41% of Democrats don't like Obama. And all of this is without facing an organized, well funded candidate or one with name recognition.

Hillary, call your office!


  1. Obama must not have handed out enough Obama Bucks from his stash in those states...

    1. A little "walking around money" wouldn't have hurt. Maybe he should have opened a branch office of Solyndra there?

  2. Here's where I get confused. Who the hell are those 60%!

    1. Dead people and New York Times subscribers, but I repeat myself!


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