Thursday, May 24, 2012

Shadows of a Solar Eclipse

Nothing earth shattering here, but I have lived through a couple of near total solar eclipses, and I don't remember hearing about this until this last one. Did you know that the light passing through the leaves of trees acts just like a pinhole camera, projecting a reverse image of the sun? A couple of snapshots of the crescent sun projected through the trees:
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Next eclipse, a couple of cajillion years from now, you'll know what to look for!

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  1. I basically missed it. The wife was outside for a while and then she comes in and asks, "What's the best way to look at the eclipse?" My response: [blank stare].

    I have a small telescope that, had I known about the eclipse, I could have setup to project the image onto a screen of some sort. Alas, I missed it.

    I think the next one is 12/2012.


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