Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Batman? Or Joker?

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There's a rumor going around that desperate Democrats will somehow try to tie Mitt Romney to the villain, Bane, in the newest Batman movie opening this week. As lame as that sounds, it got me to thinking what to look for if we were casting one of our presidential candidates in the title role of "Batman":

If Dr. Thomas Wayne had a son, he'd look like...Mitt.
-Advantage Romney

If the cowl fits? With that lantern jaw, advantage Romney! (see above)

Ditto the utility belt and tights. Does anyone really want to see the skinny kid from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in a Batsuit?
-Advantage Romney

Which candidate can you imagine having the cash to create all those marvelous toys Batman has at his disposal? (Or his wife letting him spend it?)
-Advantage Romney

The Batmobile: Does it get better mileage than a Prius? Can't see Obama driving an armored gas hog.
-Advantage Romney.

Which candidate can you imagine having a life long relationship with the family butler, Alfred?
-Advantage Romney

Tony Rezko sold Obama a house with an adjacent lot he didn't pay for, but sadly, no BatCave. Romney caught a lot of flack for installing an elevator for his automobiles in one of his stately mansions. Can you say, "To the BatCave, Robin?"
-Advantage Romney

Finally, does Batman seem to be the type to pal around with domestic terrorists and those who would bomb government buildings or does that seem more like his nemesis, the Joker? Doesn't Batman sound more like the type who would hang around with Donnie and Marie?
-Advantage Romney

Looks like our man Romney would be our Caped Crusader, hands down. But, as far as jokesters go, we still have the guy who assured us the private sector was doing well, that paralegals would assist you if you faint, and that he was going to visit all 57 states in his campaign as well as a close association with members of the Weather Underground.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think we have a Joker!


  1. Which one would be the most likely to have murdered parents? Obama, which one is more morally good? Obama, which one would interrogate with fact and not belief? Obama, it's not really fair if only list the ones that help Romney and most of them have to do with a rich lifestyle, not who Batman truly is on the inside.

    1. Obama more "morally good? You've had too much of the Kool-Aid, my friend. Romney has given far more to charity than Obama ever dreamed of. And taking money from people to give to others who did not earn it is scarcely moral. How does not lending a hand to his half brother who lives on $12/year remotely moral?

      Did you know that when Obama's half brother George needed a $1000 for his child's medical care, he turned to a conservative journalist, because, as he said, "There is no one else I can turn to." His half brother is a millionaire, president of the United States and poor George can't even go to hi when his child's health or life depends on it.

      "interrogate with fact and not belief" Obama has said that he would not lower tax rates, even though it would bring in more revenue to the government, because he believes it is not "fair". That is an instance of Obama ignoring facts in favor or his (Marxist) beliefs.

      How does Romney's lantern jaw have anything to do with a "rich lifestyle? Obama is a millionaire and still he has a weak chin. Deal with it.


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