Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Great Moments in Hypocrisy - Starring Harry Reid

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Last week, I was driving down to Fresno, and I heard something so outrageously hypocritical from Senate majority leader Harry Reid, that I thought to myself, if there is a Hypocrites' Hall of Fame, that Mr. Reid would surely get in on the first draft. And then, each subsequent newscast provided yet another line just as Hall of Fame worthy. Perhaps the biggest laugher was this one on the Republicans budget plans:
"What loopholes do they want to close? They will not say. It's part of their fictitious math."

"They will not say". Gosh, Harry! I can't imagine a political party not explicitly writing down what their spending goals are for the country. We could call it a...budget! Say, haven't you failed to produce a budget in the Senate for over three years now, Mr. Reid? What exactly are you and the Democrats "not saying"? Harry, you and the Democrats have been "not saying" what the federal budget should be since before the 2010 elections, probably because you knew that if the public was aware of the specifics of the Democrats' spending plan, your large losses in 2010 would have been much, much larger.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Harry.


  1. The best line ever about Reid came from the fertile brain of Frank J at IMAO:

    "Harry Reid: Worst name ever for a porn star."

    1. Could be a new line of work for him after he's demoted to a minority status?

  2. Being next to Reno, I hear this buffoon constantly. The MSM eats this crap up.

    1. His cooties are so bad, when you're leaving Reno and you pass through the Ag inspection checkpoint, they ask "where have you come from?" and "did you touch Harry Reid?"


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