Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Current Header and our "Head" of State

Some folk might take exception to a picture of our Commander-in-Chief in his golfing clothes while our embassies were being attacked. In all fairness to the president, he was not golfing. He was at a fundraiser in Vegas.

Obama has been skipping his presidential national security briefings of late, in favor of campaigning and fundraising. The return of the bodies of our diplomats and staff from the attacks on our embassies in the Middle East caused him to take a break from his busy campaign schedule to return for a memorial service. As I not kindly noted on Twitter,

"You want the president's attention? Come home in a box!"

Harsh note to follow...


  1. @Proof,

    I've got a great Photoshop I'm going to post tomorrow. Be forewarned: I'm stealing this line for it.

    1. Always glad to contribute when I can! I'll look forward to seeing it.


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