Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Dupes of Hazard, Redux

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Not much political here! Move along! Back before I ever bought a Photoshop program (and there are some inexpensive ways to get started, if you're interested!)I was actually cobbling together graphics in Paint, which was painstaking and cumbersome and crude. I don't remember if it was towards the end of the "Paint" era or the beginning of PSE, but I put together a "Dupes of Hazard" portrait of three prominent "dupes".

Last night, just for the heck of it, I tried doing it again from scratch and the above is what I came up with. Still not perfect, but a long way from where I started.

And, I figured if I was going to spend that much time on it, I'd better bore someone with the details. So, I'm currently using it as the background for my Twitter account, and I posted it here.

See? I told you to move along!


  1. Thanks...

    the mere thought of Pelosi in Daisy Dukes gave me acid reflux.

  2. Looking good Proof. I don't have Photoshop. I do however have Pixelator, Paintbrush, and Comic Life that I use on a regular basis. Photoshop for Mac is over $600.00. I wouldn't mind paying it if I thought I'd use it. Mac has a built in program called Preview that is really powerful. I can cut and paste pieces parts all day with it.

    Pixelmator is a low cost answer to Photoshop. It costs only $30.00 and is almost as good as Photoshop. It will even save in PSE format.

    Now I'll move along.

    1. I got my first Photoshop Elements for around $40. I bought the full version later, but I don't have a Mac, so it was a lot less.


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