Friday, September 7, 2012

"You lie!" Another Bamboozler-in-Chief Moment from Barack Obama

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Remember when Representative Joe Wilson yelled out "You lie!" to Obama, during his health care speech to Congress? I had my own "You lie!" moment during the president's speech last night.

When the president claimed to have "cut" 4 Trillion dollars from the budget, it was no longer a question of him spinning facts to try to put the best face on them, he was lying outright to the American people. To most normal people, a budget cut is actually that...a cut. If you budget $100 a week for groceries and you cut $5 from your budget, then you can only spend $95.

Obama was using the ultra deceptive, so called "baseline budgeting". You need to buy a car. You figure that maybe you can afford $30,000. But you look at a $300,000 Maserati and then decide on a $60,000 Humvee, but you go home and tell your significant other that you "saved" $240,000 by not buying the Maserati. So, now, not only have you actually spent twice as much as you can afford, but you figure you can spend part or all of that $240,000 "savings" on something else.

If anyone in the MSM had a backbone or could do simple math, they could ask the president one simple question: Mr. Obama: given your claim of 4 Trillion dollars in budget cuts, how much smaller is next year's budget actually going to be compared to this year's? Assuming, of course, that your friend Harry Reid still controls the Senate and might get off his duff to actually pass a budget next year?

Obama wouldn't be able to give a short, factual answer, because there are no real cuts. Obama projects higher spending every year for the next ten years. In the real world, where most people live, that means there are no cuts.

It really gives me no pleasure to call the president of the United States a liar. There is one very simple solution to this, however: Mr. Obama, stop lying!

Editor's note: You may have noticed our own resident snake oil salesman, the Bamboozler-in-Chief is doing extra duty as Barack Embalma. The economy is tough, he needed a second job!

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