Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Buenas Noches, El Opinador Compulsivo!

A bigger disaster than tonight's SOTU address, our friends at El Opinador Compulsivo are turning out the lights! If I can believe (or translate) the following:

Después de casi 9 años, 55000 posts y más de cinco millones de visitas, El Opinador Compulsivo cerrará sus puertas el próximo miércoles 13 de febrero viernes 15 de febrero.

...they've been at this for nine years, 55,000 posts and over five million visits. Mike assures me, however, that:

The Opiladies archive, with over 1800 Rule5 posts dating back to July 2008, will always be available here for scientific inquiries.

For an English translation of their final post, go here.

Vaya con Dios, amigos! Stay thirsty!


  1. Thanks Proof ! It was a pleasure, and your linkage was always very appreciated.

    In my farewell post I asked our readers to pay a visit here, hope they actually do it. Will be checking out PP from time to time :)

    All the best,

    1. Your welcome, Mike! We always enjoyed visits to and from your blog. Free free to stop by anytime and stay in touch!

  2. Thanks for your support, PP!
    Be seeing you.

  3. Hi there Proof, I have seen Mike's comment in the Opinador Compulsivo blog and wanted to say that I've added Proof Positive to my RSS reader. I've already seen a couple of posts and expect to drop by more or less often !

    1. Nico: Welcome! And thanks! We will try to maintain the same high standards of entertainment and information, with an occasional pretty lady!


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