Sunday, February 17, 2013

Low Information Voters (Democrat) and the "102 Yr. Old Lady Who Had to Wait Six Hours to Vote"

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Desiline Victor, surrounded by the "racist" poll workers seeking to suppress her vote /sarc

Valentine's Day has come and gone. That means, it's the middle of February. But, something happened last November in North Miami that still has the knickers of liberals and Democrats in a knot. It seems as if those Wascally Wepublicans held a gun to the head of a 102 year old lady, Desiline Victor, and forced her to wait in line "six hours" to vote.

And this, the low information voter reasons that it just has to be one of those examples of "voter suppression" on behalf of the Republicans, because a) everyone I know says so, and b) didn't all the Republicans waiting in that line have to wait just as long?

(Wait! Don't think "B"! "B" makes our head hurt!)

Here's the story, in case one of your liberal friends hasn't berated you about it yet. According to the New York Times:
...she stood in line for three hours at her local library in North Miami, before a poll worker advised her to return later when lines would be shorter and she could get assistance in her native Haitian Creole language, which she did.

Well, three hours isn't six, but, that's too long to have to wait! I agree. But, before you blame those Wascally Wepublicans again, just who is in charge of allocating polling places and hiring poll workers and budgeting for election day turn out? In Miami, I believe it is the Miami-Dade County board of Elections, headed by Supervisor of Elections, Penelope "Penny" Townsley, who I believe is a registered Democrat.

In exactly none of the conversations I hear about how Republicans are "suppressing" the vote with long lines in heavily Democrat districts, have I ever heard a discussion of which party controlled the local county board of elections, or to which party that state's Secretary of State might belong?

Do I want an old lady to have to stand in line for hours to vote? Of course not! But, exactly how brain dead does one have to be to jump from the fact that one little old lady sat out in the sun for hours, to the conclusion that all Republicans want to suppress the vote by making octogenarians and their elders stand out in the sun in order to vote?

Using Occam's razor (look it up, libs!), can we attribute this snafu to poor planning by a Democrat controlled board of elections and a higher than expected turnout, or both? Must every anecdote be turned into a conspiracy with the Left?

To recap, it was not on election day, but the first day of eight days of early voting, in a district whose board of elections is headed by a Democrat. Hardly a conspiracy of voter suppression. Hardly an example of Republican hard heartedness, but somehow, it has transmogrified into a highly charged, emotional talking point, like most liberals, impervious to logic, reason or facts.

Ms. Victor was recently invited to attend President Obama's SOTU show.


  1. I'm only in my mid 70s but when I get in a long line (like at the DMV, for example) one of two things usually happens:

    The person behind me says something like "why don't you go sit down over there and come back when I get close to the front", or

    Somebody near the front of the line passes back a "Do you mind if that old man comes up her?

    I can not imagine that here friends and neighbors (that is who is in the line ahead of her, right?) let here languish long in the line.

    1. You know, I was thinking the same thing. Seems to me this lady has enough iron in her spine not to ask for any special favors. Or maybe even accept them. Some of us folk who are over the hill and on the way down, are fairly proud of our self sufficiency.

  2. If I were there I would have made wait 8 hours. Obama voters can't tell time anyway.

    1. It appears that a large number of poll workers were black, so they'd have a hard time making it about racism. I think you can make a case for incompetence in the election board, if they want to blame anybody.


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