Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Remember Royal Pudding?

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I was remembering the jingle...perhaps you remember it too?

Rich, rich, rich in flavor!
Smooth, smooth, smooth as silk,
More food energy than fresh, whole milk!"

You know what else has "more food energy than fresh, whole milk"? Milk with sugar in it. "Food energy" was just another way of saying "calories". Associating it with "fresh, whole milk" has a wholesome, nurturing sound to it, doesn't it? Can you imagine anyone trying to market food like that today? "Hey, Moms! You make it with milk, but it's got WAY more calories than that!"


  1. The cooked ALWAYS tasted better than the instant.
    My Mom used to put a piece of waxed paper cut in a circle on top of each cup. Don't remember why, but I still do the same.

    1. I seem to remember my Mom doing something similar, but then she used wax paper for everything!

  2. It has cornstarch and cocoa powder too. We still buy it, and I think of that jingle every time I eat it. It's better for you than ice cream, but that wouldn't make for much of a jingle.

  3. It was a great jingle! And the fact that they only had to buy ads on three networks allowed them to saturate the market! Virtually every kid in America (and his Mom) knew that jingle.

  4. The article, by the way, left out one "rich."

  5. Three "rich"s, three "smooth"s as I remember it! : )

  6. The wax paper prevented the skin that would form on the top of the pudding if left exposed to air.


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