Sunday, March 10, 2013

Adele and Beyoncé to Perform at FLOTUS' Birthday Party: What Sequester?

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"Let them eat tacos!"

Gosh! That sequester that Obama said would throw people out of work, make out meat supply unsafe, and keep children from taking tours of the White House, evidently isn't impacting the White House's party budget! Michelle (My Belle) Obama is turning 50, so to offer his condolences, Barry has hired two of the biggest names in show business, Adele and Beyoncé to perform at "For the First Time in My Adult Life I'm Finally Proud of My Country" Michelle's party. Adele, at least is waiving her fee. No word yet on Beyoncé. Other celebrities will no doubt attend and munch on the hors d'oeuvres. Wonder if Michelle will run any crusts of peanut butter sandwiches out to the little tykes with their tiny faces pressed against the White House fence, saddened that they cannot come inside?

Partying with celebrities, once again, while the school children of America are denied access to the People's House, keeps Barry and Michelle firmly ensconced in their standing as Celebriticians.


  1. Proof, I've been reading-up on personal expenses that our presidents are responsible for. They are to pay for all of their food, their vacations, their travel unless it's tied to business. If it's both, a portion is charged to them. They do not have to pay for living in the White House, but they do have to pay for personal staff.

    How could he pay $900,000+ to play golf with Tiger Woods? He's not that wealthy. How can they pay for this birthday bash? I understand that Adele and Beyonce will donate their talents, but what about the rest - the staff, the food, the champagne? It should be completely added to their balance sheet. I know that isn't happening. It's happened too many times - unless the feds keep a special press running dedicated completely to the Obama family.


    1. One of the reasons they say they have to close down the White House tours is because of the cost of Secret Service personnel they have to have on duty. Do you think any SS agents will be on duty (and maybe some overtime) guarding the President, First Lady and all their guests?

      Gotta have your priorities straight, I guess!


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