Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Assault weapons? Ban the bomb!

When arguing with gun control advocates, one of the arrows in their quiver (which, admittedly, is not a high capacity quiver!), is that, we have to do something , whether or not that something will actually help the problem or even exacerbate it. However,in spite of the foot stamping of Dianne Feinstein (D-Neverland), the so called "assault weapon" ban will not be a part of upcoming "gun safety" legislation, even though there was yet another example in the news recently of another deranged individual bent on mass murder.

This incident happened at the Orlando campus of the University of Florida. A spree shooter wannabee killed himself when his plan started to go awry. A college student with two guns, hundreds of rounds of ammunition... and here is the dirty little secret that the gun banners never want to mention in their grandiose plans to separate you from your firearms...and a backpack filled with explosives... Four to be exact. Four improvised explosive devices. "Bombs", to the uninitiated.

And the reason why I call it a dirty little secret, is because, if you think about it, anyone willing to break all the laws concerning the manufacture and possession of destructive devices, is not going to be deterred by a law against any particular style of firearm. In other words, exactly the sort of person they say they are passing these laws to stop. This would-be shooter carried four bombs. The Aurora CO theater shooter made bombs and incendiary devices to boobytrap his apartment, hoping to kill or injure police whom he knew would search his home after he was killed or captured.

Adding an addition law would not have deterred the Aurora shooter, but, even if he had been denied any of the legal firearms he possessed, how many more people might have died had he simply placed one of his explosive or incendiary devices at each of the exits of that theater?

Dianne Feinstein's slightly hysterical exclamation that no one needs a bazooka is pertinent to a discuss of firearms, only insofar as if someone so crazed or indifferent to law or human life decides to build one, how is an additional law making it illegal going to stop him?

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