Friday, March 15, 2013

Dianne Feinstein -"I Am Not a Sixth Grader!"

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One last thought on Dianne Feinstein's somewhat disgraceful performance. She famously declared that she was "Not a sixth grader". There were some who opined that being a sixth grader might be something she could still aspire to be. However, after she proclaimed she wasn't a sixth grader*, she proceded to act like one.

After indignantly defending her exclusion of all but about 2,000 weapons from the American public, she screeched
"What do they need? A bazooka???"

A bazooka, for the uninformed, is a WWII era equivalent of an RPG - rocket powered grenade. Bazookas, because they fire explosive devices, have been banned from the general public and highly regulated by the federal government since the 1930's - in fact, not long after Ms. Feinstein was born! For her to suggest, that to question her ban of some firearms, some as small as .22 caliber, suitable for plinking tin cans, with a weapon of war, capable of destroying armored tanks, goes beyond hyperbole IMHO. It was terribly inappropriate in a discussion of firearms to compare them to fighter jets, A-bombs or bazookas.

In other words, the type of uneducated, over-exaggerated, infantile argument that you might hear... on a schoolyard...outside an elementary school.

*I remember the old saying, "If you have to hang a sign on you saying you is, then you ain't."


  1. She's the reason the show was called 'Are You Smarter Than A Fifth-grader'.

    1. Heh. Hope you didn't need too much eye bleach after a naked Di Fi!


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