Saturday, March 2, 2013

Political Indoctrination in Public Schools

Over at the Scott Carp Dream blog, I saw this picture, which appears to have been taken in a school classroom. Public school, I would imagine, since the message has a decidedly propagandistic bent, at least at the end.

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Rosa sat... so that Martin could walk.
Martin Obama could run.
Obama ran…so our children could fly.

Once you've finished gagging or taking your insulin, ask yourself: When was the last time a public school teacher told you that anyone had become a politician or had taken a political office so that your children "could fly"? Maybe a coupon entitling them to a free TSA pat down, but, given the economic blunders of the last five years, our children will be lucky if they can find a bus going where they need to go, much less fly!

So, not being the propagandist as our "purveyors of pap in lieu of learning" in our public schools, and recognizing that the battle for civil rights began long before Ms. Parks took her courageous stand, I thought I'd take a shot at it myself:

Abe that Rosa could sit.
Rosa sat... so that Martin could walk.
Martin Obama could run.
Obama ran…so your new masters* can get cheap Chinese chains.

*What??? That's not any worse than Tail Gunner Joe Biden's remarks about chains, is it? In fact, it is less racist than Joe's because I believe that our new masters will not discriminate on account of race. All races will face the same misery equally.

Update: When you think of Obama enabling your children "to fly", just remember that one of his first acts as president was to eliminate funding for a voucher system that enabled poor black children in Washington D.C. to escape the decaying public school system and attend private schools, much like Obama's own daughters, only far less pricey, and actually receive a proper education. This was, of course, payback to Obama's friends and political supporters in the teachers' unions.

Wonder how high those kids tossed back into crummy public schools are flying today?


  1. In the "community" where that bit of dumbass agitprop is hanging, flying means being able to read above a fifth grade level as an adult...because racism.

    1. Even after five years, Obama is still a blank slate to some, who wish to project their hopes (fruitlessly) onto him.


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