Sunday, March 3, 2013

Quote du jour

"...Stockton's downtown is generally safe--you might say its bark is worse than its blight..."
-Michael Fitzgerald, Stockton (CA) Record columnist


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Wow, how unsurprising Goof still hasn't done anything worthwhile on his sh*tty blog. Perhaps if it were tangible, someone might good use out of it as toiletpaper, but it's already sh*t-stained to begin with.

  3. Friends: I was tempted to use the same judgement of this boring and boorish Leftist and spare you from this dull ad hominem that in no way contributes to intelligent conversation or discussion (much like its author!), but since it illustrates the lack of creativity, lack of class and lack of substance of the Left, I thought it should be preserved.

    This particular troll followed me from another blog where I frequently comment, and ever since it had its arse handed to it (frequently), has been filled with an impotent rage towards me. And projection. And a potty mouth.

    It used to comment here late at night, typically after midnight, anonymously, along with the other spam, but when I tightened up the filters, its desire to insult me grew to the point where it was compelled to create an identity for itself (stop laughing!). It calls itself "Goof" and as you can see, is obsessed with the scatological nearly as much as it is with me.

    As the omnipotent publisher of this blog, however, let me give you a small sample of the comment as the troll originally wrote it, before he (or it) deleted it:

    "Perhaps if it were tangible, someone might good use out of it (sic) as toiletpaper, but's (sic) already sh*t-stained to begin with"

    I know! I know! It rivals Shakespeare in its elegance, does it not? /sarc

    See how a brain dead Leftist was able to improve upon it with merely two tries:

    "Perhaps if it were tangible, someone might good use out of it (sic) as toiletpaper, but it's already sh*t-stained to begin with."

    Brilliant! Instead of two errors, only one!! In just two tries!!! Give yourself a cookie, "Goof". (Or should we call you "Gusty"?)

    "Someone might good use out of it"?? Now if only the foul mouthed dullard who anonymous writes as "Guest" on some blogs and "Goof" on another "might good use out of" a second grade English class, then his comments might have more value than the scatological trash he and they represent.

    Thank you for spending time on my blog, GP, since you obviously haven't a life to spend anywhere else (or a clue). Bless your heart!

  4. Editor's note: this blog runs on Eastern time, so when it shows a brain dead troll commenting at 2 AM, it's actually only 1 AM in GP's Mom's basement in North Dakota.

    1. Goof's note: Goof apparently thinks posting after midnight justifies ridicule, but apparently Goof does not realize generations who do not have to wear adult diapers do not go to bed after the 6:30pm news.

      Goof can't help but embarrass himself at every turn! What a Goof!

    2. More poop jokes, pathetic troll? I'd ask if that was all you had on your mind, but, as of yet, there's no evidence of any sort of mind behind any of your comments.

      It's not merely staying up late that makes you a pathetic loser, Pathetic Loser (there are so many things that do that!), it's what you do when you stay up late! I often stay up late , your simpleminded assumptions and projection notwithstanding. But I don't troll the blogs of people I don't like, just so that I can make lame, drive by, scatological insults. That's sad. That's all you, Goofball. I would say you are in a class by yourself, but, then again, there's nothing to suggest any class behind any of your remarks, either.

      But, thanks for spending time here. It probably keeps you from molesting children or torturing small animals. As such, I consider putting up with your boring, boorish, lame and pointless comments as a public service.

  5. May the Goofster move to Stockton. Is this the same troll from before only with a name now?

    1. Same troll. I suppose it's like a baby duck that will imprint on anything that walks in front of it when it is newly hatched. I had the bad fortune of walking in front of this goofball and he imprinted on me!

      And don't wish for him to move to Stockton. I live in Stockton! We have enough problems as it is, thank you!


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