Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Quote du jour

"I have a pet theory, which is that the box office on 'Twilight' films is very impressive, but my theory is that instead of 40 million individual girls going to see it, it's 8 million girls going to see it five times each."
-John Wilson, Founder of the Razzies.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hey, Proof? Apropos of nothing in this post, funny as it is, have you any idea what Soylent Green has done to make wordpress take down his blog? Just noticed it this morning.

    Oh, and it has taken an hour to post this comment because google and wordpress have been refusing to accept my sign ins. This is one reason I have quit bothering with the blogsphere in the last few months.

    1. I was on a group email where someone disassociated themselves with the blog because of what they termed "pornography". Whoever that was may have complained.

      Sorry about the trouble signing in. Let me know if it continues and maybe I'll go back to the Wild West of anonymous commenters.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Damn! Just did it again, had the comment finished, tried to sign in and it all vanished.

    Ok, again.

    Ah, that sounds about right. Funny, wordpress has not removed blogs with far worse "pornography" on them. Perchance it is his non-pictorial content that really pissed them off?!?!?

    As for my problems with google blogger and wordpress they go back to when Rob was using wordpress for SAB. Both keep telling me that all I have to do is turn off my security and all will be peachy keen. Funny, Disqus has not such problems with my email address and IP.


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