Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quote du jour

So a toilet seat in Venezuela commands a luxury tax, and Hugo Chavez, 'man of the people', dies with a net worth of $2 Billion? To paraphrase Gilbert and Sullivan, "he is the very model of a modern liberal Democrat...."


  1. Did Duhwon order our flag be flown at half mast. Are Sean Penn's pants being flown at half mast also.

    1. I believe Obi's ordering our bank accounts to be flown at half staff. He's still got three years to get the other half!

      I understand Sean has offered to pay the toilet seat tax for any of the families of his household servants who still remain in Venezuela...

    2. I just noticed my banner being flown on your sidebar. Why thank you kind Sir!

    3. I apologize! Unauthorized banner flying is punishable by no less than three and no more than five years! I blame the staff!


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