Saturday, April 13, 2013

Democrats Run Like Scalded Dogs From "Progress Kentucky"

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As well they should! No doubt by now, you've heard about the kerfluffle with a "progressieve"* PAC of Democrats accused of bugging Mitch McConnell's office to eavesdrop on his campaign strategy. They then fronted a tape of McConnell and his aides discussing the dastardly prospect of repeating what Ashley Judd had actually said, should she choose to run against him. Horrors! The worst thing you can do to a liberal is to quote them correctly!

Now the fall back claim is that these clean cut, Democrat chappies just happened to be standing in the hallway outside McConnell's office and just happened to overhear what was being said and just happened to have an iphone with them to record the conversation. Does this remind you at all of the Florida couple who managed to tape both sides of a cell phone conversation with Newt Gingrich who just happened to have a recorder in the car along with their scanner?

Picture that for yourself: two guys trying to stand nonchalantly outside McConnell's office, not having a conversation (because that would have turned up on the tape, right?), apparently loitering in that spot for the duration of McConnell's staff meeting?

I'm not that familiar with the place, but don't you think that during that time someone might have passed them in the hall or called security to check on the guys loitering outside a Senator's office?

Just for comparison, one of McConnell's aides should stand in the hallway with an iphone and see what they can record from outside the office, for comparison. Think back to the last conference call you sat in on, where people were huddled around a microphone in the center of the conference table and you didn't have trouble hearing what everyone had to say.

Funny how the liberals who are always oh, so, concerned about people's privacy, can't seem to grant the same courtesy to their political opponents. (Or your medical records, when it suits them. More on this later.)

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* A Progressive whose arguments don't hold water.


  1. We can't allow a Republican to go unchecked! Do as I say ....

    1. It is fun to watch when Democrats eat their own, though!