Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Language Tortured in Aftermath of Marathon Bombing

One of the casualties in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing and terror spree, is language, or at least common sense in regards to language. Rush Limbaugh today played a montage of news anchors and commentators referring to the Boston Marathon bombers as "kids". It was unreal. There must have been at least two dozen, if not more, newspeople and talking heads using the word "kids" to describe two cold blooded killers.

FYI, These are "kids":

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Kids brainwashed and blinded by hatred, but kids, nonetheless. Nineteen and twenty-six year olds, who plot and plant bombs designed to maximize death and dismemberment, and get in shootouts with police are not "kids". Not sure what the endgame of this particular meme is here. Maybe to make Dzhokhar Tsarnaev more sympathetic to those who see him more as an enemy combatant, subject to interrogation, rather than a "first time offender" in the criminal justice system, entitled to full Miranda rights...

The second thing that bothered me was in today's news coverage, a statement by the surviving bomber about the motivation of his brother:

The surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect has told investigators that his brother orchestrated the attacks because he 'wanted to defend Islam from attack'...

"He 'wanted to defend Islam from attack'...". And the 30,000 runners, 8,500 volunteers, 1,100 media members and 500,000 spectators of the Boston Marathon were the primary enemies of Islam? What? Had they just run 26.2 miles to desecrate a mosque?? Passed out cartoons of Mohammed to wear in lieu of numbers???

This is not a reason. A rationalization, perhaps, but, this is only an excuse. Nothing more. Random murder to make a political statement is not a "defense" of anything. This seems to me to be the groundwork for a variation of SODDit. Some Other Dude Did it. My dead brother was the mastermind. He talked me into it. I was just some dumb "kid" who looked up to his big brother. Blame the dead guy, not me!

Kids a lot younger than 19 have been tried as adults. Kids who acted without as much premeditation or planning as this attack. I don't care if this guy wasn't the ringleader. He participated in a deadly bombing and shoot out which killed and maimed people, scarring them for life. He is clearly old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. His careless disregard of human life prior to the attack, through his attempt to escape, so that he could kill again, makes this guy a candidate for lethal injection. Whether or not the Obama justice department, which fumbled a case as simple as the New Black Panther voter intimidation case, can obtain justice for the victims of the Boston Marathon and its aftermath, remains to be seen.

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    1. Thanks! I liked the Hinderaker piece you linked to as well: "Why Does Evil Make Liberals Stupid?"

  2. Whatever a Muslim terrorist claims as a motive,e.g., "defending Islam," it should be viewed as a self-serving term used to cover their crimes. "Defending Islam" means "killing non-believers," for no other reason than their non-belief. Unless you are a Muslim, you are a threat to Islam.

    Daniel Greenfield explained it yesterday. He wrote:

    "The private Islam need not be defended with bombs. The public Islam must be. And as with so many totalitarian systems, when it speaks of freedom, it means slavery, when it talks of peace, it means war, and when it claims defense, it means attack."

    1. At least when the Danish cartoonists characterized the prophet Mohammed, there was a direct cause and effect relationship, demented as it was: You do something to blaspheme the prophet, we kill you for what you did!

      There was no cause and effect in Boston, other than (mostly) non-Muslim, free people, living their lives. Greenfield said it well.

  3. Political Correctness run amok.

    Radical Islamic Terrorists!™.....wait, did I say that out loud?

    1. "Radical Islamic Terrorists"? I'm sure at least part of that is redundant!

  4. I read some of the stuff Rush said. It seems that the media keep showing pictures of them when they were 13 or 14. And Rush made a great point about the only 'kid' was the 8-year old who died.

    1. Similar to what they did with Trevon Martin--showed him as an angelic boy of ten, rather than a gangsta wannabee flashing gang signs.