Thursday, April 11, 2013

The "Axis of Evil" Revisited

Sherman, set the Wayback Machine for January 29, 2002. The State of the Union address. George W. Bush.

Remember the amount of ridicule heaped upon George W. Bush for categorizing three countries, "regimes who sponsor terror", each seeking nuclear weapons, as the "Axis of Evil"? The first was Iraq, whose leader's dreams of being a nuclear power came to an abrupt halt at the bottom of a spider hole and the end of a short rope.

The second, Iran, has test fired missiles capable of reaching Israel and much of Europe, is closer to building a nuclear device than they've ever been, plus they continue to export weapons, jihadists and unrest to neighboring countries in the region. To many people, it is not "if" Israel or the US will be forced to take out Iran's nuclear program, but "when".

And when was the last time you heard a North Korean dictator threaten to fire nuclear missiles at the United States? Yesterday? Today?? Check Drudge, I'll wait.

The price of indifference is apparently still catastrophic, Mr. President. A lesson long in the learning for some...

We return you now to the economic chaos and diplomatic incompetence that is the Obama administration. Hope you enjoyed your brief respite.

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