Monday, May 20, 2013

Dolphins Find Rare Torpedo

Dolphins working with the US Navy have uncovered a rare, brass torpedo, one of only two known to still exist.

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Navy specialists found a rare torpedo off the San Diego coast, an 11-foot brass gem called the Howell that dates back 130 years or so and was one of the first torpedoes to propel itself.

Only 50 were made, and only one other one still exists. But what makes the story even better is that the Navy specialists who found it were trained dolphins...

In a related story, Obama claimed it was his gutsy cal that lead the Navy dolphin to the torpedo...*

*Closed Captioning for the Humor Impaired: No, he really didn't.


  1. Cool!

    I am into military history but this is new to me, thanks Proof


    1. New to me, too. Makes you wonder what else might just be lying around for the finding?

  2. Are torpedoes marked with serial numbers? Oooh, would that make a great history dig for someone. Is the photo the second one in existence, or is that the new one? Very nice and flashy. Hey, I like shiny things ...... :)

    1. The photo, I believe, is the one in the Naval Undersea Museum. After 130 years on the ocean floor, they probably haven't gotten the "new" one cleaned up yet.

      I would imagine most modern torpedoes would be serialized. Don't know if they were that meticulous a century or so ago.


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