Monday, May 20, 2013

Quote du jour

‘A few more days like this — Obama’s going to claim he was born in Kenya"
-Dennis Miller


  1. That is actually a near perfect exit strategy for him. In its own weird way it fits in with his "I don't know who did it" & "nothing is my fault" modus operandi.

    1. Just so long as he puts a hit out on Joe before he leaves...

    2. That would put Boehner in the Oval Office. And because today is a non-work day for me, and therefore nothing to do except swill beer later on, I checked this out - Holder is 7th in line, Sebelius is 9th, and Napolitano is 15th. I pray that something out of a Tom Clancy novel does not happen.

    3. Holder, Sebelius and Napolitano... the stuff of which nightmares are made of!