Sunday, July 7, 2013

More Evidence of Michelle Obama's Prison-like Captivity

I was there looking for something else, but over at Michelle Obama's Mirror, they had this picture of the First Lady:

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Remember how five years ago, so many in the MSM were nattering on about Michelle's "well toned upper arms"? Well, after four and a half years of White House living, imported chefs' cooking and exotic vacations abroad, Mrs. Obama has her "well toned arms" flapping down underneath, where everyone can see them!

Somebody get that woman another taco, STAT! Who knew that "Let's Move" referred to the swinging of her arm waddles?

(And before all you humorless libs jump all over me for "picking on the girl", Remember that Michelle has been setting herself up as a national authority on exercise, obesity and nutrition for years. If she can't stand the heat, maybe she could see if she could try to find the kitchen for a change? Heh.)


  1. They will spin it to her being a super hero with bat wings...

    1. A costumed crime fighter, eh? As stylish as Michelle is, she might look good in a mask!


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