Thursday, December 18, 2014

Quote du jour

It’s also important to note that, as most any police officer will tell you, everyone who has been manhandled to the ground as Garner was complains that he can’t breathe. It’s when someone stops saying it that officers need to guard against the risk of positional asphyxia by moving him into a position that allows for unimpaired breathing. If this was not done, or was not done quickly enough, it would be a lapse exposing the NYPD to a claim of civil liability, but it would not mean that the force used to subdue Garner was excessive or unwarranted.
-Jack Dunphy


  1. Got a newsflash for ya.....I've seen a LOT of people in the past 35+ years come into ER
    able to say "I can't breathe"....and many of them ended up intubated and in ICU....OR DEAD. The BULLS**T line they parrot "if you can say it you can breath" is exactly that.
    BULLS**T. When someone says "I can't breathe" what they MEAN to say but don't have the correct terminology for is "I'm short of breath and not getting enough air".....and they say this just before they pass out and DIE.

  2. Newsflash for you: if he could say "I can't breathe", he wasn't in a chokehold.


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