Thursday, March 5, 2015

An Open Letter to Jeb Bush

I got a "gimme" email today from Jeb Bush, telling me what I already knew about the country and asking for cash. I get those all the time. During the 2014 race, I'd get five or six a day just from the Republican party. But in this one, he said, and I quote, "I look forward to hearing from you.".

Literalist that I am, I sent him the following. I reproduce it here, in case the folks who were soliciting on Jeb's behalf forget to give him the message.

Dear Jeb: You look forward to hearing from me? Here it is:

Get out of the race.

The country is in deep trouble and we need someone with better conservative bona fides than you to get us out. The longer you stay in the race, the more you distract from the candidate we all need to get behind, because face it, we're all not going to get behind you. We do not need Romney 2.0.

But please feel free to support whomever our candidate eventually is.


-genuine really-o truly-o name here

PS I won't be contributing $25, $15, or even $5 today or ever.

Question: Was that too subtle?

Update: As a result of my impassioned plea to Jeb Bush, he (or his people) sent me the same identical gimmee email again this AM. Never say that politicians never listen! (It goes without saying!)


  1. Not a fan of Bush, huh?

    Who would you back? Do you like any of the big GOP names being tossed about?


  2. NOPE - too bad he will ignore you - as well as all the rest o us who do NOT want him as the next 'designated' loser. If the party elites INSIST on choosing the candidate for the republican party, it MIGHT just create enough momentum (I was gonna use impetus but decided it might be too 'nuanced') to get a true conservative to start a third party ticket and possibly win.

  3. I had no real expectation that Bush would receive the message, I doubt he reads this blog, and I sincerely doubt that any PAC raising money on his behalf will show it to him saying, "Boss! We got it all wrong!"

    I don't know where they got my name for their mailing list. Best case scenario is they remove me from their begging letters.

    We need to get the candidate right this time. The track record of third party candidates is not pretty.


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