Saturday, March 14, 2015

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Judge Orders State Dept To Comply With Records Request…

Hillary Clinton lies...a lot

Clinton’s office was warned over private email use

High-Ranking Federal Officials’ History of Using Personal Email for Government Business -Sharyl Attkisson

Roughly 74 percent of the centrifuges Iran now has on hand were installed since the Obama assumed office

The Death of the American Dream in 22 Numbers

19 Times the Government Withheld Documents It Didn’t Want You to See -Sharyl Attkisson

Economic Death Spiral: More American Businesses Dying Than Starting

The Media’s Selective Outrage Over Oil Train Derailments

2016's top 10 most vulnerable senators Time to kiss Harry Reid goodbye!

Leader of the Free World

Krauthammer’s Take: What’s that Sudden Feeling? ‘Early-Onset Clinton Fatigue.’

Israeli F-15 flies on just one wing

Zara Adil Protects Family Store, Saves the Money, Shoots Robber With His Own Gun

8 Times Obama Says He Was Way Out of the Loop
-Sharyl Attkisson

The Collective Project: Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a Real Bionic Arm

Congressional Democrats demand ATF revive AR-15 bullet ban


Why the Clinton email server story matters — and why it may be worse than you think

Disappearing Car Door Video
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Beretta reveals new striker-fired pistol


Cartoon of the Day – NRO

Flopping Aces -Sunday Funnies

Democrat Alternatives to Hillary Clinton


Earl of Taint -Obama & the VA

Reaganite's Sunday Funnies

TGIF Humor



Hillary's email

In The Mailbox, 03.12.15

Hillary Clinton: It's her time

Rule Five Roundup:
(While all Rule Five posts may be NSFW, I generally only flag the ones that are certainly NSFW)

90 Miles From Tyranny - hot pick, Blogs With Rule 5 Links

American Power- Chrissy Teigen Photo Shoot in Miami

Smokin' hot Friday

By Other Means - Cosplay, Girls with guns, more girls with guns

The Daley Gator – Daley Babe, Kacy Vallencourt, Aqua Otsuki, Amanda Schull, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Barbara Mori, Gina Rodriguez

Daily Mail – Dianna Agron braless in dangerously low-cut dress


E.B.L. - Elizabeth Montgomery

Good Monday Morning

Feral Irishman - Friday Femme Fatale

Friday Night Babe -Karrueche!

Good Stuff's Cyber World #181

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World -The Friday Pin Up

Knuckledraggin' My Life Away - Good Morning girl, Chesticles

Gal Gadot

Pirates Cove -Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup, If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see...

Flowing Curves of Beauty

Randy's Roundtable - Thursday Nite Tart

Sex in Advertising

Tuesday Evening Window Dressing: Chelsie

The Last Tradition - Angel

The Right Way - Friday Babe

Theo Spark –  Bedtime Totty, Bedtime Totty, Teatime Totty, Bath night, Teatime totty, Chrissy Teigen Nude in Miami Photoshoot , Red Friday Teatime totty, Bedtime Totty

The Other McCain- Rule Five Sunday

Vintage Babe of the Week – Gene Tierney

Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

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  4. You are most welcome! Have fun with your hoops!

  5. Excellent link fest. I just nabbed that one about "22 things" for a future blog post.

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  7. I have it queued up for Monday, March 23.

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