Sunday, March 15, 2015

Beware the Sides of March

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  1. Today... Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is a vegetable or as the Canadians call it, Kraft Dinner

    Hey buddy, how’s it going? Listen, I don’t pretend to know why you do the things you do and why you don’t do the things you don’t do

    First let me say that macaroni and cheese rocks. I’m not talking about that crappy stuff in a box with the gooey liquid cheese sauce. That stuff tastes too much like real macaroni and cheese, you know the stuff that’s made from scratch. And who in their right mind makes macaroni and cheese from scratch? Amish people, that’s who.

    No, I’m talking about your turbo processed cheese-infused orangy-flavored powder. That is the stuff that rocks. You have shown me that real cheese isn’t cheesy enough.

  2. I like mac and cheese. I've had it in restaurants where I was a fool to order anything with it, because it was a meal to itself. Although, with my back against the wall, I will still eat the boxed stuff, too.

    I actually like all the stuff in the pictures. Originally I conceived four or five gut busters side by side, but I couldn't lay hands on the right images. Plus, the day was already over half gone when I out it together so....

  3. With a quick glance, I thought that the third picture was of habanero's and the pic's of the mac and cheese had pieces of them on and in the dish's.
    Now that would cause one to "beware".

  4. I suppose with a little effort, I could have turned this into a public service piece, warning of the dangers of hot peppers, peanut oil, poly saturated fats, etc., but I think the operative term was "a little effort".


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