Sunday, November 15, 2015

Ben Carson: What a Nice Guy!

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Ben Carson is a nice guy. Almost everybody will cop to that. A nice guy, a decent guy...that and fifty cents will get you a cup of really cheap coffee, but not necessarily an all expense paid trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

Case in point: he was interviewed this AM by Chris Wallace for Fox News Sunday. Wallace was trying to pin him down on his no fly zone idea for Syria, which sounded an awful lot like a readiness to start a shooting war with Russia. After an answer which was unsatisfactory (to me at least), Carson launches into a little mini lecture about humans having 'big frontal lobes' and lower animals having 'fixed brain stems', which is the reason why we can reason rather than react.

It sounded pedantic, to say the least, and completely acceptable, if it were coming from your college prof, leaning against his desk, filling time until the class bell rings. Sounding like the next leader of the free world? Not so much.

But have I mentioned he's really a nice, decent and moral guy??

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