Saturday, May 7, 2016

Whither Shall We Go, Huckster?

Jennifer Davis, over at the Victory Girls, has a post about about Mike Huckabee calling for #NeverTrump people to leave the GOP. I offered the following:

I share your contempt for Mike Huckabee. I have noted his poor judgement* and fiscal irresponsibility as Governor, as I opposed both of his failed bids to become POTUS. We can thank him, in part for a Trump candidacy, since it was vanity candidates like he and Ben Carson who cluttered the field and split the anti-Trump vote in the early states.

The problem is where to go? This is clearly not the party of Reagan anymore, and, as Reagan said of the Democrats, "I didn't leave the party, the party left me."

The Tea Party never coalesced. I have much in common with Libertarians, but not all. Independents haven't to my knowledge had much of an impact on national politics. Even if a new conservative party were to rise, like a Phoenix out of the ashes of the Republican party, how many years would it take to duplicate the infrastructure to support a national candidate?

I haven't voted yet this year. I intend to cast my ballot for Ted Cruz in the California Republican primary. After that, we're looking at uncharted waters.

i.e. Huckabee in His Own (Weaselly) Words, Redux

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