Friday, September 16, 2016

Colin Kaepernick and the Teardrops of the Internet Indian

This is not a post about politics, so I thought I could indulge myself with the headline. This is a story of connections. You throw a pebble in a pond and you get...a wet pebble! Or ripples, or something like that!

The Indian is a reference to a classic public service announcement about litter. Iron Eyes Cody, who turned out to be as much of an Indian as Hillary is healthy, portrayed the classic Native American looking across his once pristine land, and as he looks at all the trash and litter, a tear rolls down his cheek. Message? "Look, America! You made this guy cry! He needs a safe place, free from litter so as not to hurt his feelings!" (Okay, I may have taken a few liberties with the message, but there could be some Millenials in the audience and I want to relate to them!)

What does this have to do with the Internet you may ask? As the Indian in the PSA wept when he saw the sheer volume of litter, if there were an Internet Indian, he too might weep as I litter my stuff in even more places on the Internet, and Colin Kaepernick is responsible!

Bear with me. Colin Kaepernick prompts me to write a post about his classless disrespect for his country, Confessions of an ex-NFL Fan. My friend Gator Doug Hagin of The Daley Gator, reads it and leaves a terse, but complimentary two word comment. Just another day in paradise!

And then, unbeknownst to me, (and believe me, anytime you get to use "unbeknownst" in a sentence is a good day!), Doug quotes from and links to "Confessions" in two different places. (We're going to get to that whole "ripples in a pond", "Internet Indian" thing in a second.)

One of the places he linked from was the Watchers of Weasels magazine site, where the editor (here comes the ripple!) saw my post and invited me to start cross posting my stuff at WoW Magazine, thus littering the Internet in even more places and making the Indian cry. Whew!

Long story short (why didn't I just start here? I guess I need a good editor!) my inaugural post at WoW is "Hillary's Health is Off the Charts", which you've already read here, no doubt. There's also a link to WoW on the sidebar to keep us abreast of other good things going on there

Now tell the truth...that headline kind of made you think of Indiana Jones or Harry Potter, didn't it?

Oh. Okay. Anyway, just wanted to let you know!

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