Thursday, September 29, 2016

Comment on Political Correctness Run Amok

Halloween and Knotts Berry Farm vs SJW’s describes the efforts of some in the mental health community to ban Halloween rides that featured a mentally ill person. My take:

Forgive me for being a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant male, but do these people have any idea just how many books, movies and TV shows have been created around a character with a mental illness? Janet Leigh did not get slashed in the shower by a Sunday School teacher! (And what would you rename "Psycho" to be more politically correct?)

The villains in the movie "Sum of All Fears" had to be changed to be sensitive to the fact that depicting terrorists as being from an Arabian country was simply too far fetched! /sarc

No, they were portrayed as Neo-Nazis, which begs the question, If the only group of people we can portray as villains (aside from Big Business) are Nazis... and Hitler, the head of the Nazis was insane, isn't it insensitive to those suffering from mental illness to subject them to that sort of entertainment?

Or history??

Click over and read the whole thing.

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