Monday, September 12, 2016

Niners v. Rams

Not as enthusiastic about this as I was last year. Thinking I might have to boycott the NFL altogether if it becomes a showcase for spoiled millionaires disrespecting the flag and the country for which it stands. But for now, yet another 49er cheerleader:

Update: Final score Niners 28, LA Rams 0

Best game I've seen the Niners play in years. May be the last. The NFL is fining players for wearing a 9/11 tribute on their shoes, they won't allow the Dallas Cowboys to wear a sticker on their helmets honoring the policemen shot there, yet these overpaid turkeys on multiple teams can disrespect the flag and give black power salutes during the national anthem? Free speech for thee but not for me?

Colon Kaepernick came on the field with 2:33 left to play. Niners had a 4 TD lead, so he couldn't screw it up too badly, though not for want of trying! Three and out.

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