Saturday, August 26, 2017

Vikings 49*, Equal Opportunity 3

I have been watching The Vikings of late. I'd heard a lot of the hype about it, and in typical contrarian fashion, anything the crowds are running towards is generally an indication that I head in the opposite direction. But, having some time on my hands, I stumbled upon it one night and began to watch.

I learned a lot from this show. For example, their leaders sally forth from their villages to steal as much wealth as they can carry and bring it back to distribute to the people of their villages. However, they keep the majority of it for themselves. This was the foundation of the modern Democratic Party. Unfortunately, when they were gone for long periods of time, other leaders would come in and usurp their territories. This lead to the creation of the "August recess".

I confess, I got caught up in the story, the epic grandeur and graphic, sometimes senseless violence. So much so, that it wasn't until the fourth season before my inner social justice warrior began to stir within me. "There are no persons of color among the Vikings!", it whispered. "It's not fair!" Equally absent was the presence of any obviously transgendered individuals. I know. Baby steps.

Now true, they were rather 'equal opportunity' when it came to letting females fight and die in their battles. Equality between the sexes. Two of them, anyway! There's even two differently abled characters in the show, though they might not be portrayed by a differently abled actors. Haven't figured out whether or not to be outraged yet. One slave girl was obviously Asian, (played by an Asian), but other than that, not a lot of diversity!

I still have six episodes to go, so there may be a tribe of black Vikings or black Anglo-Saxons yet to be introduced, but until then, the darkest face I've seen so far, was the white woman in the picture above in makeup.

*There are 49 episodes in Seasons 1- 4.

Update: Having seen the last six episodes, as noted in the comments, I must throw a flag on the play and update (change) the final score. In episode 16, there is a brief appearance by a couple of Moorish guards and some exotic Harem girls.
Therefore, we must amend the SJW score to Vikings 49, Diversity 6.

Prior to Season 4, episode 16, the diversity consisted primarily of white, lily white, beige and ecru.

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