Saturday, April 28, 2018

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**Greatly abbreviated due to an unfortunate crash of all the links I accumulated Saturday through Wednesday

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Nearly 300 Bangladeshis Arrested After Illegally Crossing Texas Border in Fiscal Year

Here’s Why Jeff Sessions Might Be Playing 4-D Chess


No, Teachers Are Not Underpaid

Where Is Jimmy Kimmel’s Voice on Little Alfie Evans?

Top 10 IDF Innovations

U.S. Army Forges Ahead With Its Railgun As Navy's Commitment To The Tech Is Questioned


Cartoon of the Day – NRO

Flopping Aces -Sunday Funnies


Today's Toons 4/18/18, Today's Toons 4/19/18

Today's Toons 4/20/18, Today's Toons 4/23/18

Today's Toons 4/24/18

In The Mailbox: 04.23.18

Top of the News

In The Mailbox: 04.24.18

Larwyn's Linx: Did McCabe issue ‘Stand-Down’ order on FBI Clinton Email Investigation?

In The Mailbox: 04.25.18

Larwyn's Linx: Here’s Why Jeff Sessions Might Be Playing 4-D Chess

In The Mailbox: 04.26.18

In The Mailbox: 04.27.18

Rule Five Roundup:
(While all Rule Five posts may be NSFW, I generally only flag the ones that are certainly NSFW)

90 Miles From Tyranny -girls with guns,  Hot pick

American Power- Robin Holzken, Alexis Ren

Perky Blonde

By Other Means - Cosplay,Tap Rack & Bang, Seeing Red

The Daley Gator – Daley Babes: Sunday Babe, Monday Babes, Tuesday Babes,Wednesday Babes, Thursday Babes, Friday Babe

Courtney Stodden

Good Monday Morning

EBL - Aubrey O'Day

Feral Irishman - Friday Femme Fatale, Femme Fatale,
Marjorie Deanne, Eve 2

Friday Night Babe - Julie Gonzalo

Knuckledraggin' My Life Away - I’m sure she’s taken, men

Pirates Cove - Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup, If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see..., If all you see...

Asian ladies (NSFW)

Flowing Curves of Beauty

Kim Kardashian

Sex in Advertising -Victoria's Secret

The Right Way -Friday Babe, Rule 5 Saturday LinkOrama

The Other McCain- Rule Five Sunday

Vintage Babe of the Week – Stella Stevens!

Rule 5 Woodsterman Style

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