Monday, October 19, 2020

Down the Memory Hole

This post has nothing to do with politics or Joe Biden's less than agile mental abilities, because, like everything else in the universe, this is all about me!

I tell people "My memory is what I use to forget with." I stole that from somebody...can't remember who! Anyway, over the years I have misplaced a number of items, perhaps corresponding to the number of times I've moved cross country, but I can't blame it all on that. Some of it is due to my casual orgahnization skills and part of it is due to CRS. Since this blog is PG-13, if you don't know what that means, you'll just have to Google it.

Anyway, I started making a list of things I remember having and hadn't seen for a while. Today, I came across a really nice camera tucked away in a dresser drawer. I knew I still had the charger, because countless times, I had picked it up, recognized it for what it was and put it back down afgain because it wasn't what I needed at the moment. So, I looked in the last place I remembered it being joy.
On the plus side, I found the charging cord for my phone's backup battery.
The box it came in says it has a standby time of "up to six months". Well, it had been years since I used it the last time we had a sudden power outage here in the golden, but sometimes dark, state of Califoirnia and it had power and to spare!

I also found the charger for my 20v cordless drill. The one I had been looking for the week before and ordered a relatively inexpensive replacement from Amazon. Now I have two. I also ordered a couple of replacement batteries they had on sale during Amazon Prime Day, so if I ever get really ambitious, I can charge two batteries at once!

Two steps forward, one step back!

Plus, while waiting for the battery to charge (which takes up to four hours), I've been doing a little online shopping, so I need to plunge my AMEx card into cold water to keep if I can keep it from melting down.
Mr. Trump, I'm doing what I can to single handedly stimulate the economy, but there's only so much a fella can do!
In addition to the camera I found in the dresser drawer, was a smaller pocket camera that I found in a desk drawer (I have a wealth of cameras!) on which I took pictures of my daughter's wedding back in 2013. Since the advent, ease and omnipresence of my cell phone camera, it has apparently laid there without a charge for the last seven years.

I charged it up over night, and, Mirable dictu, to my pleasant surprise, all the pictures were there, even one of my front yard which dated back to 2009.

I will copy those to my hard drive later today and distribute anything worth sharing.

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