Saturday, April 30, 2016

Quote du jour

He remembers the comet that killed off the rest of the dinosaurs!
-Mike B, on Bernie Sanders comparing climate change to 9/11 terrorist attacks

Friday, April 29, 2016

Nekkid Trump Protesters

It was sunny & warm in the Bay Area today. Hopefully she was not advocating that Trump take his shirt off...

Just in case you were mislead by the headline, and were looking for Donald Trump Nude, you can find that here.

Friday Night Babe

Tonight's FNB* is Lauren Conrad, with a girl in sox for my friends at Fox!

(*a.k.a. Rule Five Friday)

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Any Mention of "Crackers" Is Probably Racist!

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Quote du jour

"If you are a John Kasich supporter and you live in Indiana, voting for Kasich next Tuesday is the dumbest thing you could possibly do because it will just help ensure that Kasich will never see the contested convention that he needs."
-Leon H. Wolf

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Could Someone Please Buy Poseur Donald Trump a Clue?

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Donald Trump is factually challenged. I guess that's a nice way to speak about his colossal ignorance on so many subjects. For example.

On The O'Reilly factor tonight, Donald Trump said of Afghanistan:
"That's one place frankly instead of going to Iraq we should have probably gone there first".

Except, we did. We invaded Afghanistan in October of 2001, less than one month after the 9-11 attack. The invasion of Iraq was March 20, 2003. Is it the word "first" that's giving you trouble, Donnie? Or have you just not been paying attention to anything that doesn't personally line your pockets?

He was still nattering on with O'Reilly about how we should have and still might seize Iraqi oil and keep it for the US, when I tuned him out. This is a guy who, on one hand, says "America will continue forever to play the role of peacemaker", and then turns around and says we should plunder Iraq's oil.

I noted before on these pages, Trump's shallow or inadequate understanding of the Keystone XL pipeline (August 17, 2015 The Trouble With Trump, Part XXIII)
"I hope we don't need the pipeline, 'cause it comes out of Canada,"
-Trump on Mark Levin's radio show.

To which I replied:

There are probably three things (or more) wrong with this statement. One, it's not just Canadian oil, but oil from our own Bakken range in the Dakotas, as well, that could be more easily and safely transported. Underline "safely". Far too many accidents, spills and oil train derailments from the oil fields to the refineries that could be reduced via a pipeline. Two, when Canada does send oil to our refineries, we add value to it. That's called 'creation of wealth', Mr. Trump. That would happen here in this country. Three, Trump seemingly overlooks the creation of well paying jobs in building and maintaining the pipeline, the refinery jobs and all the ancillary businesses along the way.

I'm glad Trump favors building the Keystone XL extension. I just wish he would do a little more homework, so that he would be more knowledgeable about the good thing he's advocating.

Now Trump speaks without notes a lot, but recently, reading from prepared remarks on a teleprompter, he said the following stupid stuff:

He said "The Trump administration will lead a free world that is properly armed", after threatening to abandon any NATO member nation that did not contribute the proper percentage of their GNP to defense. Is Trump's rationale that as soon as he abandons NATO signatories they will no longer be part of the "free world"?

Trump said he "won't try to spread 'universal values' that not everybody shares or wants". How can they be "universal values" if they are not universal?

In addition, he has a strange definition of the word "military".

"Look at the World Trade Center and Sept. 11th. One of the great catastrophes in my opinion. The single greatest military catastrophe in the history of our country, worse then Pearl Harbor, because you take a look at what what's happened, and citizens were attacked as opposed to the military being attacked."

So, let me see if I follow this. Aside from making the gratuitous reference to 9-11, which he had just shamelessly used to distort what Ted Cruz had said about New York values, Trump thinks 9-11 was a military catastrophe, because civilians were attacked? It was a terrorist attack, not an attack by anyone's military and other than the one plane which targeted the Pentagon, which, to Donald Trump is apparently filled with civilians and located somewhere in the basement of the World Trade Center, the primary targets were civilian.

And it has been noted that one way the Donald ducks answering questions he doesn't know the answer to is to filibuster and then change the subject. He does this a lot.

It's perfectly clear why Trump ducks out of debates to do fund raisers and why he's been running like a scalded dog away from any opportunity to debate Ted Cruz,  because he is a fraud. A phony. A tin horn charlatan who bluffs and blusters his way through life.I have known a number of people who have done quite well for themselves personally by having a gift of gab and a distinct estrangement from being honest. Donnie fits the profile.

God help the United States if this ignoramus were ever to become Commander-in-Chief

Vintage Babe of the Week

Tonight's Vintage Babe* is Adele Mara!
(*a.k.a. Rule Five)

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And Now, For Something Completely Different...

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Original art by John Cox. More at John Cox Art

Quote du jour

"...Donald J. Trump is the Ronald McDonald of the business world. He’s a face. A brand.

He’s the grand charlatan of public relations and he’s moved his shtick into the political realm, selling snake oil to the low info crowd. Even if he doesn’t win the presidency, he’s pushed his brand, upped his profile, and has enough footage of goofy, reprobate citizens doing and saying idiotic stuff in his name that in syndication alone, the reality TV royalties will rake in a tidy sum."
-Susan Wright

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Medal of Honor

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Specialist Kyle Jerome White


For gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as a radio telephone operator with Company C, 2d Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade during combat operations against an armed enemy in Nuristan Province, Afghanistan on 9 November 2007. On that day, Specialist White and his comrades were returning to Bella Outpost from a shura with Aranas village elders. As the soldiers traversed a narrow path surrounded by mountainous, rocky terrain, they were ambushed by enemy forces from elevated positions. Pinned against a steep mountain face, Specialist White and his fellow soldiers were completely exposed to enemy fire.
Specialist White returned fire and was briefly knocked unconscious when a rocket-propelled grenade impacted near him. When he regained consciousness, another round impacted near him, embedding small pieces of shrapnel in his face. Shaking off his wounds, Specialist White noticed one of his comrades lying wounded nearby. Without hesitation, Specialist White exposed himself to enemy fire in order to reach the soldier and provide medical aid. After applying a tourniquet, Specialist White moved to an injured Marine, providing aid and comfort until the Marine succumbed to his wounds.
Specialist White then returned to the soldier and discovered that he had been wounded again. Applying his own belt as an additional tourniquet, Specialist White was able to stem the flow of blood and save the soldier’s life. Noticing that his and the other soldiers’ radios were inoperative, Specialist White exposed himself to enemy fire yet again in order to secure a radio from a deceased comrade. He then provided information and updates to friendly forces, allowing precision airstrikes to stifle the enemy’s attack and ultimately permitting medical evacuation aircraft to rescue him, his fellow soldiers, Marines, and Afghan army soldiers.
Specialist Kyle J. White. Extraordinary heroism and selflessness above and beyond the call of duty are in keeping with the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself, Company C, 2d Battalion (Airborne), 503rd Infantry Regiment, 173rd Airborne Brigade, and the United States Army.

Specialist White: We humbly salute you and thank you for your service.

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Hat tip Home of Heroes

There are seventy nine living MoH recipients today. Their names and their stories should not be forgotten. My mission is to honor one of those heroes here each week, and salute them for their courage and sacrifice. In the words of John Fitzgerald Kennedy:

“A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces, but also by the men it honors; the men it remembers.”

What Trump Supporters Be Like...

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The Trumpire Strikes Back

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Stand with the Rebel Alliance against the Trumpire!

Update: New and Improved! With more Carly!!

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Quote du jour

"So the guy who’s been advising Vladimir Putin’s man in Ukraine is now running Trump’s delegate-securing operation? Will polonium be involved?"
-Jim Geraghty

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sex in Advertising

For all you connoisseurs of advertising...

I may not be exactly sure what she's selling, but, I'm pretty sure I'm in the market!

I'm Inigo Montoya and I Approve This Message

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Quote du jour,

The founding editors of the magazine, Graydon Carter and Kurt Andersen, recognized Trump for what he was: the id of New York City, writ large -- a bombastic, self-aggrandizing, un–self-aware bully, with a curious relationship to the truth about his supposed wealth and business acumen. He wasn’t so much a Macy’s balloon, ripe for the targeting, as he was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, stomping on everything in his gold-plated path.
-Chip Somodevilla

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hollywood Went to War

Fifty third, and perhaps last in our series Hollywood Went to War, is America's most decorated World War II soldier, Audie Murphy.

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Murphy's older sister helped him to falsify documentation about his birth date to meet the minimum-age requirement for enlisting in the military, and after being turned down by the Navy and the Marine Corps he enlisted in the Army. He first saw action in the Allied invasion of Sicily and the Battle of Anzio, and in 1944 was part of the liberation of Rome and invasion of southern France. Murphy fought at Montélimar, and led his men on a successful assault at the L'Omet quarry near Cleurie in northeastern France in October.

...Murphy received the Distinguished Service Cross for action taken on 15 August 1944, during the first wave of the Allied invasion of southern France. After landing on Yellow Beach near Ramatuelle, Murphy's platoon was attacked by German soldiers while making their way through a vineyard. He retrieved a machine gun that had been detached from the squad and returned fire at the German soldiers, killing two and wounding one. Two Germans exited a house about 100 yards (91 m) away and appeared to surrender; Murphy's best friend responded to them, and they shot and killed him. Murphy advanced alone on the house under direct fire. He wounded two, killed six, and took eleven prisoner.

Murphy was with the 1st Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment during the 27–28 August offensive at Montélimar that secured the area from the Germans. Along with the other soldiers who took part in the action, he received the Presidential Unit Citation.

Murphy's first Purple Heart was for a heel wound received in a mortar shell blast on 15 September 1944 in northeastern France. His first Silver Star came after he killed four and wounded three at a German machine gun position on 2 October at L'Omet quarry in the Cleurie river valley. Three days later, Murphy crawled alone towards the Germans at L'Omet, carrying an SCR-536 radio and directing his men for an hour while the Germans fired directly at him. When his men finally took the hill, 15 Germans had been killed and 35 wounded. Murphy's actions earned him a Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster for his Silver Star. He was awarded a battlefield commission to second lieutenant on 14 October, which elevated him to platoon leader. While en route to Brouvelieures on 26 October, the 3rd Platoon of Company B was attacked by a German sniper group. Murphy captured two before being shot in the hip by a sniper; he returned fire and shot the sniper between the eyes. At the 3rd General Hospital at Aix-en-Provence, the removal of gangrene from the wound caused partial loss of his hip muscle and kept him out of combat until January. Murphy received his first Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster for his Purple Heart for this injury.

The Colmar Pocket, 850 square miles (2,200 km2) in the Vosges Mountains, had been held by German troops since November 1944. On 14 January 1945, Murphy rejoined his platoon, which had been moved to the Colmar area in December. He moved with the 3rd Division on 24 January to the town of Holtzwihr, where they met with a strong German counterattack. He was wounded in both legs, for which he received a second Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster for his Purple Heart. As the company awaited reinforcements on 26 January, he was made commander of Company B.

The Germans scored a direct hit on an M10 tank destroyer, setting it alight, forcing the crew to abandon it. Murphy ordered his men to retreat to positions in the woods, remaining alone at his post shooting his M1 carbine and directing artillery fire via his field telephone while the Germans aimed fire directly at his position. Murphy mounted the abandoned, burning tank destroyer and began firing its .50 caliber machine gun at the advancing Germans, killing a squad crawling through a ditch towards him. For an hour, Murphy stood on the tank destroyer returning German fire from foot soldiers and advancing tanks, killing or wounding 50 Germans. He sustained a leg wound during his stand, and stopped only after he ran out of ammunition. Murphy rejoined his men, disregarding his own wound, and led them back to repel the Germans. He insisted on remaining with his men while his wounds were treated. For his actions that day he was awarded the Medal of Honor. The 3rd Infantry Division was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation for its actions at the Colmar Pocket, giving Murphy a Bronze Oak Leaf Cluster for the emblem.

On 16 February, Murphy was promoted to first lieutenant and was awarded the Legion of Merit for his service 22 January 1944 – 18 February 1945. He was moved from the front lines to Regimental Headquarters and made a liaison officer.

The United States additionally honored Murphy's war contributions with the American Campaign Medal, the European–African–Middle Eastern Campaign Medal with arrowhead device and campaign stars, the World War II Victory Medal, and the Army of Occupation Medal with Germany Clasp. France recognized his service with the French Legion of Honor – Grade of Chevalier, the French Croix de guerre with Silver Star, the French Croix de guerre with Palm, the French Liberation Medal and the French Fourragère in Colors of the Croix de guerre, which was authorized for all members of the 3rd Infantry Division who fought in France during World War II. Belgium awarded Murphy the Belgian Croix de guerre with 1940 Palm.

Brigadier General Ralph B. Lovett and Lieutenant Colonel Hallet D. Edson recommended Murphy for the Medal of Honor. Near Salzburg, Austria on 2 June 1945, Lieutenant General A.M. Patch presented Murphy with the Medal of Honor and Legion of Merit for his actions at Holtzwihr. When asked after the war why he had seized the machine gun and taken on an entire company of German infantry, he replied, "They were killing my friends." Murphy received every U.S. military combat award for valor available from the U.S. Army for his World War II service.

Major Murphy, we thank you for your extraordinary service to our country. Rest in peace.

"Trump Not Think. Trump SMASH!"

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"You're making me POTUS. You won't like me when I'm POTUS!"

Quote du jour

I'm enjoying the irony of American Sanders supporters lecturing me, a former Soviet citizen, on the glories of Socialism and what it really means! Socialism sounds great in speech soundbites and on Facebook, but please keep it there. In practice, it corrodes not only the economy but the human spirit itself, and the ambition and achievement that made modern capitalism possible and brought billions of people out of poverty. Talking about Socialism is a huge luxury, a luxury that was paid for by the successes of capitalism. Income inequality is a huge problem, absolutely. But the idea that the solution is more government, more regulation, more debt, and less risk is dangerously absurd.
-Garry Kasparov

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Quote du jour

Only kings, presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial 'we.'
-Mark Twain
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