Thursday, April 3, 2008

SuperDelegates and Their Kryptonite Pt. II

Every good movie deserves a sequel, no? Right after I shut my computer down after last night's post, I started thinking of other ways the Democrat's superdelegates belonged in the funny papers!
(As Dave Letterman is wont to point out, there is no off position on the "Genius" switch! )

Last time, when we left The Legion of Superdelegates, (a.k.a. The Ain't No Justice League!), we discovered a small, elite group of Democrats with powers far beyond those of mortal men! One Superdelegate vote can cancel up to 10,000 ordinary votes!

But our Legion (as in: Our name is Legion!) is not like other super heroes! For example, Batman drives the big, gas guzzling Batmobile! Our heroes are more likely to be chauffeured by Ed Begley, Jr. in an electric Prius, if mass transit isn't available! (Or a private jet chauffeured by Arianna Huffington or Al Gore, Jr., as long as the masses aren't paying attention !)

And, with apologies in advance to the fair lady blogger at The Lasso of Truth, the Democrats could have their own transsexual superdelegate: Wonder Woman (?)

No, no hawks in The Legion of Superdelegates! Green Lantern? No...most of the greens aren't too bright!

But, wherever the public larder is being raided, wherever freedom of speech is threatened by speech codes or intimidation, The Ain't No Justice League is there!

Wherever people cower, helpless to defend themselves, The Ain't No Justice League is there!

I'd like to help the Legion of Superdelegates out! (Which way did they come in ?)

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