Sunday, August 24, 2008

Subliminal Messages in Obama Biden?

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Subliminal? I wouldn't put it past the Democrats! Heh.

A number of people around the Blogosphere have noted that the Obama Biden signs have Biden’s name smaller and in a different color than BHO’s, so that it fades into the background more easily. This is all fine and good, but we need a little pseudo-psychiatric examination of the subliminal aspects of the posters…sort of like when some genius pulled the word “rats” out of a Republican ad about Democrats.

Please take this in the same, silly vein:

The positioning of the O over the B: OB, an obvious attempt to distance himself from the abortion controversy by associating himself with baby doctors!

The positioning of the B over the I: BI, an obvious attempt to ingratiate the team with the LGBT crowd!

The positioning of the A over the D: AD, anno Domini: In the year of our Lord: an obvious attempt to dispel the “Obama is a Muslim" meme floating around!

The positioning of the M over the E: ME, an obvious attempt to garner the self centered vote, located primarily in the modern Democratic Party!

And if you look at the last two letters in each name, starting with the “A” and moving counterclockwise, you get “AMEN”, or “so be it!” subliminally asking people to accept their change which is all in the wrong direction!

There you have it! Subtle subliminal advertising from the lovely people who brought you “I didn’t inhale OR have sex with that woman!” , “No controlling legal authority” and
“I can’t answer that, it’s above my pay grade!” Heh.

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(Not to mention the whole "OB" "AMA" thing going on there! He might as well wear a stethoscope, and say "I play one on TV!") Heh.

Update: OMG! I just noticed that if you start at the "M" and go counterclockwise, you get "MADE"! With the suggestion that their policies on manufacturing are all in the wrong direction!
(This is deeper than I thought!)
And if you start with the middle "A" and go counterclockwise, you get "A BID" : Obviously an attempt to buy votes! And of course, the obligatory, they're going about it in the wrong way! Heh.

One more, then I'm done: Start at the Middle "A", go counterclockwise for five letters and you get "ABIDE", which obviously stands for the backwards way of living we'll all have with the Democrats' energy policies!

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