Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Moonbat's MidEast Medical Misadventure

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If the enemy of my enemy is my friend,
Then the friend of my friend’s enemy is…
former Democratic Representative Cynthia McKinney!

When not provoking the Capitol Police, on duty to protect her, into tussles over whether or not she has to show them “any stinking badges”, this former jewel of the Democratic Party is all about giving aid and comfort to the enemy…of Israel.

Yesterday the Palestinian News Network (no, not CNN, the other one!) reported that the so called “Free Gaza Movement” was sending supplies to the Gaza strip:

On board the SS Dignity are three to four tons of urgently needed medical supplies. Dr. Khalid at Gaza City’s Al Shifa Hospital told the crew on Saturday that the “majority of cases are critical shrapnel wounds from Israeli gunboats and helicopters, with an approximate 80 percent who will not survive.”
Among the Free Gaza organizers is Eliza Ernshire who said, “We have calls for surgeons willing to go into Gaza and work there throughout this crisis. The doctors inside are exhausted and unable to cope with the number of wounded.”
On board the ship expected to set sail on Monday are four physicians. Among them is Dr. Elena Theoharous, a surgeon and member of Cypriot parliament. Former United States Congresswoman and Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney will also be making the voyage. And local hero, Al Jazeera correspondent formerly imprisoned in Guantanamo, Sami Al Hajj, is also expected.

Because medical supplies without your own moonbat are like a day without unicorns!

Today, it was reported that the best laid plans of moonbats and men are wont to go awry! This according to Al Jazeera:

A small boat, damaged as it tried to break the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip, has arrived in the Lebanese port of Tyre.
The Dignity started taking on water after it was hit by an Israeli naval vessel as it approached the Israeli coast with its cargo of medical aid.
The Free Gaza Movement, which organised the attempt to reach the territory , said their boat was "rammed" and shots were fired when at least four Israeli vessels confronted them in international waters.
Yigal Palmor, a spokesman for Israel’s foreign ministry, denied there had been any shooting but said that the ships had made "physical contact".

Despite the fact that there's a big difference between "making contact" and "shots were fired", I suspect I'd come down on the side of the Israelis on this one. Mainly, because I believe that if "shots were fired", the boat would not have returned from whence it came, but would have received an all expense paid trip to Davy Jones' Locker!

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Update: Daily Kos has article "Israel tries to Kill Cynthia McKinney..." which relies heavily on antisemitic Stormfront for pics and details.

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