Friday, October 9, 2009

Barack Wins Publisher's Clearing House, er, Nobel Peace Prize!

Anyone else feel they woke up in Bizarro world this AM? Barack Obama, Rookie President of the United States, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize sometime between his inauguration on January 20th and February 1st. when the nominations closed.

Let me see...what did Obama do in the first eleven days of his presidency to so impress the Nobel committee? Could it have been the unbearable lightness of his being??

The award of this year’s Nobel peace prize to President Obama will be met with widespread incredulity,

Incredulity is one word. Why the big rush? Isn't The One™ going to be here for at least four years? Is the Nobel committee afraid that Obama is going to do something to screw up his Nobel chances over the next four years? Or are they trying to proactively herd him farther to the Left as quickly as possible by demonstrating the love and adulation they are ready to heap upon him for doing so?

If the nominations and subsequent awards to Jimmy Carter and Al Gore weren't proof enough of the purely political, left of center partisan bias of the committee, the nomination of Barack H. Obama for a Nobel Peace Prize merely for parroting whatever his teleprompter tells him should erase all doubt.

For a sense of balance, the WSJ reminds us:
Examples of nominees who didn't win the peace prize include Josef Stalin, the Soviet dictator, and Adolf Hitler, whose name was put forward in 1939.

Alfred Nobel must be spinning in his grave.

Graphic shamelessly stolen from Left Coast Rebel

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