Friday, January 29, 2010

D'Oh-lbermann: "Arrogant" is a Code Word for a Racial Slur

I really hesitate to give this guy the time of day most days, because I fear that by publicizing his childish rants online, we actually double or triple his cable audience. But, race baiting morons seem to be my specialty of late, so with that in mind, I give you "Count dumb with Keith D'Oh-lbermann"

So, when Han Solo tells Luke "Don't get cocky", he was slinging a racial slur? And I had no idea that arrogance was strictly a racial characteristic! I think D'Oh-lbermann is a pretty arrogant POS. Does that mean I think he's black??? D'Oh-lbermann is a few fries short of a happy meal here. His attempt at race baiting will go unnoticed by all except the rabid moonbat Left (but both of those guys are already half his audience!). He cannot stand that not everyone gets a tingle up their leg like he and Chrissy do. If he were intellectually honest, he could admit that the individuals he criticized disagree with Obama on matters of policy, not race. But, if you are going to slander your opponents and attempt to assassinate their character, saying you merely disagree with them doesn't carry a lot of weight. D'Oh-lbermann's attempts to name anyone as "Worst Person in the World, may just be projection on his part! Note: I'm having trouble seeing this video on Firefox, both here and on Say Anything. IE has no problems at all. Do not blame your set! Update: I saw an ad on TV last night for the show "House". It said he was "arrogant". I wonder if they were talking about the white, English actor or the white American doctor he plays on TV? I wish D'oh-lberdork was here to translate for me! H/T NRO Cross posted at Say Anything


  1. I work selling advertising time for a large tv group. In my daily business all I really car about is the number of people my programs reach in a given 15 minute period. The more people the more valuable the program.Here is my point: when it comes to MSNBC does Oberman and Maddow really know how many people are NOT viewing their little cable shows. There are free standing tv stations in market the size of Raleigh Durham, Charlotte and Indianapolis that reach more viewers with their local 6pm news than MSNBC reaches with their ENTIRE NETWORK!!! If it were not for the likes of Laura Ingraham and Rush talking about these freaks to their millions of listeners nobody would know who they were...

  2. I can appreciate the position you're in in not wanting to reveal your name in this context, seeing how you make your living.
    Please feel free to come again and comment on other threads!


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